BirMail is a Birthright Campaign Organiser written in Java to help run Birthright role-playing games.  BirMail stores all information relating to the game, helping DM's speed up turn processing by automating many of the simple tasks like rolling taxes and creating web pages.

Using BirMail helps a DM control more characters and concentrate on the NPC actions so that the game is improved for everyone playing it.

History of the project

Four years ago, I started playing Birthright games using e-mail as a method of communication. In order to help run the game effectively, I created a program in Turbo Pascal which helped by automatically running taxes, and storing all necessary information relevant to the game.  This elementary version of the program was then used by me in the Leicester Birthright (le_br) PBeM game.

In October 1999, I decided to re-create the program in Java. Since then, the program has expanded rapidly, with the team of people helping also increasing throughout its development. Recently we moved to SourceForge where the program is now available from.

I stopped being the DM of the le_br game and passed it onto another DM who has since passed onto another person.  Both have continued to use BirMail and are the main source of feature requests.